Maximize Credits & Deductions

At CommonWealth, our Michigan tax consultants handle all types of tax returns, whether corporate or individual. We offer quality and personal attention necessary to maximize eligible credits and deductions. Our practice is not “seasonal,” we tax plan for all our business and individual clients throughout the year. We provide our clientele with a tax organizer which will help simplify and prepare all the documentation necessary to file. After your taxes are filed, we will stand by your side in case of further requests by government agencies.

Tax Planing

ensuring accurate financials and tax planning strategies are implemented each year

Tax Review

Annual meeting recapping business performance, tax liabilities and future projections

Tax Filing

Timely filing and payment of corporate and individual tax returns by due date

Estimated Tax Payments

Scheduling and paying income tax estimates quarterly for individuals and business owners

Tax Solutions Boost Your Success.

Let our experience be your guide. Get started by booking a complimentary strategy session.