About Us

Located at the heart of Downtown Dearborn, The Butcher’s Grille is a unique concept that artfully blends the superior quality of a modern steakhouse and the timeless Lebanese cuisine, to offer a diverse and authentic dining experience in a trendy, urban atmosphere.


Our fusion Menu highlights the best of the Lebanese classic dishes and the American cuisine favorites to showcase a diverse range of inventive Burgers, Grilled Skewers, Steaks, Salads and Sandwiches that appeal to all appetites.


We pride ourselves on excellence in the preparation of food and quality of service. Everything is dazzlingly fresh and only the best quality meat and chicken are used for the fantastic selection of grills available. Serving exquisite Halal cuts, our restaurant will surely stimulate and delight your senses!

eating the butcher's way

“The Butcher’s Way” embodies the concept of trusting your meat source, a philosophy rooted in community, trust, and ethics”

the concept

The Butcher's Way is a testament to the love and care we hope you feel in every bite. We are humbled to be delivering the highest quality meat and freshest ingredients and understand the great responsibility that comes with being your trusted food source.

Visit our restaurant, where the aroma of open charcoal grills brings the excitement of the kitchen right to your table. Each dish is prepared to bring out the rich flavors in the cuisine and our extensive lineup of Steaks, Burgers and Skewers are grilled to a smoky perfection that lets the ingredients speak for themselves.

Celebrating diversity and Modernity

The Butcher’s Grille is a clever weaving together of two great cultures

Sharing and generosity are the hallmarks of Lebanese culture. We also believe that the essence of the Lebanese cuisine is in the quality of premium ingredients. At The Butcher’s Grille, our food and service reflect these traditions.

The American dining table epitomizes the comfort and “diversity” aspects intrinsic to the culture. At the Butcher’s Grille, you can indulge in endless varieties with our extensive menu that has a little something for everyone.

Food Quality - Our Testament

The Butcher’s way is a tribute to our loyal customers who appreciate the importance of serving good and healthy food in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

We take great care in our cooking, using only the finest ingredients and always serving generous portions. Our food is grilled to perfection with no artificial flavors, colorants, or additives. We believe that delicious, juicy, 100% fresh ingredients are exactly what you deserve!

We strive to not only meet, but to also exceed required standards and legislation for health, safety, and hygiene. All staff are appropriately trained and vetted to support both quality and regulation compliance.

our mission

The Butcher’s Grille aims to redefine the modern dining experience complete with incredible food, great variety and superior quality.
Our Pledge to you is to keep perfecting every aspect of what we do and to evolve with the demands of our avid meat lovers.