Protecting Critical Infrastructure is What We Do.

Through our multidisciplinary team of industry-leading professionals, we provide ALL our services across ALL Sectors. Our team has decades of experience protecting Critical Infrastructure. From the DoD, DHS, NNSA to the Joint Commission, HIPAA and CMS, We can help you meet and exceed your regulatory requirements.

APG’s expertise and experience allows us to customize our services to fit your specific needs and your budget. Our global network can help you better prevent, plan for, and respond to security risks-threats-hazards; which will enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your business, employees, operations, facilities, assets, and family. We have you covered. Our global network of security professionals has decades of experience advising private clients and corporations across ALL sectors. We can help you create a robust security environment with services that include site vulnerability assessments, current and emerging threat assessments, security policy/procedure review and development, and master planning.


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