Mentorship Committee

Committee Members

Amani Badran

Sara Hassan

Driving a culture of Engagement and Community Impact

The events committee drives a culture of engagement and community impact through various signature events held annually. In the past this has included our Women’s Bazaar, Patio Party, and Breakfast event. In more recent years we’ve expanded to include our annual Vision Board Party held at the start of each year. Our primary goal with each event is to bring community members together to celebrate achievements, share ideas and network all while supporting their professional and/or entrepreneurial journeys. Through our events, community members have identified career opportunities, received resources to support their new or existing businesses, gained the confidence to pursue their dreams, and most importantly, built long lasting relationships. 

Signature Events

Vision Board Party

The Vision Board party is a fun and crafty way for women in the community to connect and exchange ideas about their goals and aspirations for the year while creating their vision board. 

Women's Bazaar

The Women’s Bazaar provides small businesses and organizations with a platform to showcase their product or service to attendees from across the community at designated booths.

Patio Party

Our annual Patio Party is a fun and relaxed networking opportunity where attendees connect and chat over hors d’oeuvres with other women professionals.

Annual Breakfast

The Breakfast is usually our final event of the year, where we bring on a special keynote speaker, honor and highlight women in the community, award scholarships and hold auctions. 

These signature events embody our organization’s mission to inspire, empower, and connect Arab American women. We are grateful for all those who have attended prior events and are always excited to welcome new faces to our community. We hope to see you soon.

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